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Great venue tucked away in the wine region known as Swan Valley really ticks off the boxes. Great location for families to head out to, about a 45 minute drive from the Perth CBD. Both courses were in good condition when I played but as most courses / venues would contest to upgrades could always make things better. The Vines was home to the Johnnie Walker Classic in Australia from 1992 - 2009 and it's easy to why the Pro's who included Tiger and the Shark themselves, enjoyed the composite course mainly made up of the "Lakes course" holes.

I enjoyed the freedom that Ellenbrook provides off the tee, not because I'm a 16 handicapper, but for the strategy then for 2nd and 3rd shots in to the green complexes that are equally as large as their sister course.

The Par 3 5th I could play over and over again, visually and design wise it's very good, though surrounded by trees and playing downhill, the wind can cause all sorts of drama which makes for great memorability !

The 6th green is very undulating and with so much space bogey plus could be your score, undulating green with plenty of well groomed bunkers lurking for the errant shot.

These two holes, plus the next at the Par 4 7th, and delightful Par 3 8th make for a wonderful run of holes with water in play on the 7th and 8th.

Water isn't too evident on the Ellenbrook course but it can ensure the golfer is thinking how best to avoid it.

Scoring well on the massive 230m (from the tips) Par 3 13th can certainly be a case of unlucky thirteen, hitting driver at a Par 3 = ouch.

Then run home afterwards doesn't get any easier back to back Par 4's, a tough little Par 3 17th and the uphill dogleg Par 5 18th to round off the day is fairly brutal.

Two courses, two choices and a multitude of ways to play many holes. Any trip to The Vines is an opportunity to experience a remarkable golf course in a setting that’s tough to top.

Date: May 31, 2018

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