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It is chalk and cheese at the Vine when it comes to the Lake and Ellenbrook. The Lakes is an exceptional golf course (the Ellenbrook isn't). Perfectly manicured with large open fairways, the bunkers are well maintained (on the day I played they were being weeded) and the greens didn't have a pug mark in them. The course stands out as one of the best in WA.

Each hole is so picturesque, wonderful vistas abound and every now and then a qantas or virgin flight on final approach to Perth flies overhead. A course guide is really useful to know where the water and other hazards are. The bush is thick and that makes is extremely difficult to find any wayward balls, though you might come out with more balls than when you went in.

In my experience the greens were extremely fast, even uphill, gentle precise putting was the way to go. The final run of three holes must be the signature to the course and all three have lakes involved. first the par three 16th, water to your right and bunkers crowd the large green. Then comes the par four 17th, this time water on your left a large fairway to aim for and those with a massive drive can put it over the water and leave a wedge in. You finish with the par five 18th with its split fairway, three lakes, on your left, right and up the middle defending the green, plenty of bunkers and an abundance of well placed grass trees.

This is one of my favourite golf courses in WA and the Lakes is what makes a visit to the Vines very much worth it!

Date: February 15, 2019

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