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Golf Digest has given Wasioto Winds some national recognition in the past, and I can see why. I think this course can be separated in a real easy way: water holes versus non-water holes. Just about all the holes with water on them are gems. Both strategically and for the views. #6 is the prime example; a decent length Par 3 that demands you to hit a precise shot, but if you mess up, you can enjoy the scenery and not feel quite so bad about the haywire shot. The non-water holes aren't bad, but I feel like most of them run together and don't really stand out. The only one that does is the 12th, which has an elevated tee with a steep drop towards the fairway. A tough hole with some great views of the rolling hills in the area. That and the aforementioned 6th were my favorite holes. The 16th gets a tip of the hat as well, which is a good risk/reward Par 4.

I'd classify Wasioto as a modest, quiet, sneaky good course. The clubhouse doesn't overwhelm you at all, and the range is fairly dull, but once you hit the meat of the golf course you realize it's got a lot of good attributes.

Date: November 03, 2017

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