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I was luckily given an invite through a member, around my birthday time which was much appreciated! There’s 2 clear aspects you have to view wentworth with. 1. Is the course 2. Is everything else wentworth encompasses.

The drive in, the clubhouse, the service, the aura of the place just makes you appreciate golfs special places. We did the whole lot and went full in for a breakfast in the restaurant, tour of the clubhouse and mandatory £xxx spent in the proshop like it’ll be our last time playing golf again here. No matter where you went you were made to feel welcome. And to top it off managed to get into a conversation about Harbour Town With Matt Wallace on the driving range thanks to my lighthouse headcover from playing there in 2017!

We had an awesome starter lead us off on the 1st, and damn what a nervous tee shot it is standing in front of the iconic clubhouse, road in front and somewhere down there is a fairway! There many reviews with details about the course etc. For me, it was iconic and a great course - it’s immaculate and the greens are also some of the best you’ll putt on. It lacks some memorable iconic holes so to speak and in places it plays long. Wentworth is about the course and the experience. I loved it, but it wouldn’t knock Sunningdale old or new from either of their perch...

Date: October 11, 2020

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