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This is a hard review to write, as I hated the course. Being objective, its immaculate, and with a 5* clubhouse and facilities. But. But. But. Its horrible.

Its just too hard. I'm a sterotypical mid handicapper - anywhere between 10-16 on any given year. I've played well on hard courses in the past. This was just unfair.

The distance between perfection and a lost ball on West Cliffs is measured in feet/inches. I hit a drive on one par 5 that my playing partner remarked in mid air would either get me an eagle or a quadruple. It turned out to be the latter. This wasn't risk reward golf, it was risk golf. Every shot was a potential lost ball.

The issue isnt that the rough is penal (though it is), its that there is no semi/fringe rough, or what little there is adds no protection. I could have used nothing higher than a 7 iron and I would have been better off.

Just too hard.

Date: September 15, 2020

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