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There’s very little to choose between the 3Ws, but I’d make the case that West Hill is the most consistent of the three courses when measured across the eighteen holes. It may not quite hit the same highs as elements of Woking and Worplesdon, but the gentle undulations and well routed design means that West Hill delivers with first-rate heathland golf.

As with Woking and Worplesdon, West Hill has excellent greens, some of which are huge and include some interesting undulations. The best of these can be found on the back nine at the 12th and 15th. The 12th is a short, perhaps reachable par four but a back-half pin placement would provide an excellent defence as the green is a big two-tiered affair. The 15th green on the other hand is more subtle. This is a long par three but the green is undulating and menacing, protected by a spine that runs through the centre of it.

Greens aside, my favourite holes are those with the cross-bunkers, namely the 6th, 8th, 10th and 18th, all of which are memorable. The tee shot on 3 is also gripping as you drive across a diagonal ridge and a wedge of heather to an angled fairway whilst trains pass by on their return from London. The only hole that misses the target is the 14th which is sadly a bit of a mess from the tee and would benefit from the tee position being relocated to its left. The only options from the tee are a lofted drive over the trees or a big slice, hence I’m quite surprised that the club haven’t found a fix for this hole yet. Otherwise, there’s a lot to like about West Hill. It’s a course that’s always been beautifully presented on the times when I’ve played it, and I must also extend my positive reflections towards the clubhouse whose ambience is more relaxed than most highly ranked clubs making for a comfortable and welcoming trip for visitors looking for a day out on the Surrey heathland.

Date: December 08, 2020

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