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Set on the shores of Lake Michigan in Central Wisconsin, Whistling Straits is a special experience for golfers in the midwest. Many holes play right along the lake and between sand dunes which were all created artificially during the construction of the course. As with any Pete Dye course, the course looks extremely demanding - as if there is no where to hit your shot. However, I was surprised to find room to miss your shots and not too difficult to find your golf ball off the fairway.

Whistling Straits is still an extremely difficult course, especially, for the average golfer. The shots into the green usually require height and spin to stop the ball and would make the course even more challenging if you cannot hit that shot.

Favorite Holes

3 - The first of many holes to play right alongside Lake Michigan, this par 3 is beautifully framed. The back left pin is daunting but there is some slope that the player could use to feed to the hole.

10 - One of the only holes where you do not play by the lake, ten is a short par 4 doglegging to the left. Pete Dye uses some visual deception which urges the player to try and bite off more than they can chew on the drive by going to toward the green. This leads to players missing left off the tee which is not the spot to be.

Date: August 02, 2020

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