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This is without a doubt one of the best courses in South Africa, and, along with Sishen, the best value for money. A round of golf will set you back about 35 Euros, and the quality of the layout and conditioning of the couse make that a bargain! The best holes are probably te 12th and 13th. The 12th is a scary par 5, with the tee box sitting about 50 metres above the fairway, and your tee shot has to cross te ravine below. But once you can get the ball on the fairway, it becomes a fairly straightforward par 5. The views on this hole are absolutely magnificent! The 13th is probably the best of the 6 par 3's. About 160 yards, which can play as an 8 iron or 3 wood, depending on the wind. Speaking of which, if it really blows, the course becomes extremely difficult, and best is then to buy 10 extra balls from the locals (at about a Euro for a Pro V1) and play match play off the tips! My friend and I did that a while ago, halved the first hole in eights, and proceeded to have a ball! The Wild Coast course is one of about 6 very good courses to the south of Durban, one of the many areas in South Africa that absolutely HAS to be visited on a golf trip! Kem Westdyk, South Africa

Date: May 02, 2011

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