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My wife and I played Wilshire Country Club on a beautiful August afternoon. Many positive changes have been made to a course that I last played in the early 1980's.

Removing trees from golf courses has been a popular trend in golf course makeovers for many years now and Wilshire has benefited greatly from this project. The now unobstructed views from the club house must be very pleasing to the members dining on the veranda.

The most note worthy feature to the Kyle Phillips remodel is the bunkering. Wilshire's first line of defense is the bunkers. The Phillips bunkers at Wilshire are first rate. They frame the holes perfectly, adding a beauty to the individual holes that is very pleasing to the eye. Moreover, accuracy off the tee is at a premium and playing eighteen holes without catching a bunker off the tee is no small feat.

Wilshire CC's second line of defense is the barranca that wanders through the course. When not directly protecting a golf hole the barranca frames and beautifies. The original architect, Norman Macbeth, must have had a great eye and imagination to make such good use of this natural water feature.

No one hole stands out for me at Wilshire. Rather, there are many good solid holes. Number seventeen is a short par four that requires a perfectly straight drive to set up a short club into a well guarded green. Tee to green bunkering at its best. Hole number nine offers perhaps the only blind tee shot on the course. The drive must be precise to what appears to be a wide open fairway in order to have a reasonable chance with a long club into a well guarded green.

Being an arm chair architect like so many of us, I can suggest a few changes. The par fourth fairway could be shaped better to take advantage of the large tree that guards the right side of the green. This tree is always a talking point when the LPGA has visited Wilshire. I also think the two greens on the par three thirteenth are perfectly ready to be transformed into a Berlitz style green.

All-in-all Wilshire CC is a fine golf course and in my opinion fits its #39 ranking in California. That said, I am also of the opinion that there are about six courses in California ranked above Wilshire that don't belong there and about the same number ranked below Wilshire that are equal to this course.

In explanation of my point, I believe walk-ability to be a factor in my judging and ranking of a golf course. It is difficult for me to give a positive ranking to a course that can need a golf cart to get from a green to the next tee or a near mountain climb to do the same. Some great golf courses can be a demanding walk, but if one is still walking it is a plus.

Stepping down from my soap box I have to finish with just what a good time we had at Wilshire Country Club. The experience was like catching up with an old friend and saying “why didn't we do this sooner”.

Date: August 11, 2021

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