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Wine Valley is really very good. Its massive length is countered by the firm and fast surfaces and we left the 7,600-yard gold tips well alone and played from the 6,700-yard black tees which suited our group perfectly. There’s plenty (and I mean plenty) of width here in a similar vein to Gamble Sands. With width you get options and with the wind that blows here it’s a necessity.

I don’t know much about Dan Hixon but I’ve played Bandon Crossings and I’m hoping to get to see his new reversible course at the ultra-remote Silvies Valley Ranch in the Oregon hinterland this summer.

Wine Valley is better than Bandon Crossings but not quite as good as Gamble Sands in my view. WV will appeal to the minimalists but it just seemed a touch bland off the tee lacking focal definition to my eyes – a few more fairway bunkers perhaps. Apart from that I loved everything else about Wine Valley.

Date: March 23, 2018

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