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Wolf Creek is an experience like few other golf courses. It's not for nothing that it's been featured in several video games (such as the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series), as it's a spectacular layout. As such, it was a surreal experience to play it in person. It was also without a doubt the most enjoyable round I have played so far, without a dull moment the entire round.

This is a course where it doesn't really warrant separate analysis of each 9. While not all the holes are super spectacular, there vast majority are truly stunning. No other course have I taken as many photos, making this particularly difficult to choose only 5 to upload, it's just that spectacular and memorable. No other Mesquite course delivers as consistently the feel of Wolf Creek, and so there are very few dull moments. There are some downsides to the design, as it can be scary to drive the carts down some slopes. But it's otherwise an absolutely exceptionally designed course, so much so, that it would be easier to list the not so notable holes. But that would be unfair to the course, let's dive into them.

Notable holes:

1: A moderately long downhill par 5. If you can hit a good drive and second shot, an eagle may be in reach here.

3: A ridiculously uphill par 3, an one with an unforgiving shape too. Can be borderline ridiculous.

5: A sharp-dogleg left par 5, and the shortest too. The more you're willing to attempt cutting off, the better your chances of reaching the green in two, as it's straight uphill once on the fairway.

7: A driveable par 4, but with water on the front, it makes for a great risk-reward hole for the long-hitter.

8: A downhill par 3 with a river along the left side, accuracy is particularly important here.

11: Another downhill par 3, but it's fortunately much more forgiving.

12: Yet another dramatically downhill par 5, don't hook your drive or slice your approach to the green, but it's a potential eagle for the accurate hitter.

13: A short tight dogleg-right par 4. It's short enough that the long hitter can go straight for the green if they don't mind the blind shot.

14: A long carry is required on this par 4 to reach the fairway, then approach the green after the dogleg left.

15: A not terribly remarkable par 3 by itself, but provides one of the better places to take in the view.

17: A true standout even by this course's standards, it's also a downhill drive par 5. But what puts it about the rest is the exceptional risk-reward design, as a long drive can definitely provide a strong chance at reaching in two. But, the double water carry makes it very intimidating, and still challenging when played normally.

For walking purists or those who can't enjoy a round with limited room for error, then Wolf Creek might not be for you. However, for anyone else, I would consider Wolf Creek absolutely worth playing at least once. Whether it schools you or you conquer it with a great score, it's a round you won't soon forget. Anybody visiting the region without budget constraints would do well to consider checking it out, and those with one might consider looking into the cheapest summer twilight rates.

Date: June 23, 2021

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