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Now before I go on, it’s worth pointing out at this stage that I am a very proud member of this golf course. But there is a very good reason for me being a member; it is the finest golf course to be found within a reasonable distance of my home town of Ipswich. And by a long way. Aldeburgh deserves a notable mention, as does Purdis (Ipswich) and Felixstowe. But Woodbridge is the one with the WOW factor, and its here that I intend to stay for a very long time! Don’t let the length of the course put you off, far from it. Yes, it may be short, but it has an SSS higher than the par for a very good reason. 3 irons from the tee for safety on certain holes is a must to avoid drop shots caused by finding gorse bushes. So many people turn up at Woodbridge, see the course, and feel they’ll rip it apart. I enjoy as a member sitting in the clubhouse afterwards seeing guests scratching their heads in bemusement as to just how their high score came to be. “Took driver and tried to cut the corner of the 5th didn’t we, and found the trees along the way”. “Yep”. And so on. I’d say the pictures posted certainly do the course justice, and every hole (on both the 18 and 9 hole courses) follow the same look and feel. Do come, you’ll be very welcome. It’s worth it just for the taste of the gravity-fed Adnams in clubhouse alone!!

Date: November 23, 2005

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