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I have played the Hotchkin course three times now and I actually think it's getting worse, certainly in terms of condition and I think they’ve become too pedantic for their own good. Played here only the other day and the greens were less than acceptable for the time of year and for a course which is ranked so highly.

I managed to find many of the enormous bunkers during my round (and I escaped from most I might add), but they are inconsistent. The sand is deep in some and virtually non-existent in others. The aesthetic look to the traps is also rather random. That said, the Hotchkin is a good course but not the best inland track in the British Isles.

In my opinion it lacks interest (in terms of elevation change) and it's too short from the yellow tees, especially during dry weather.

Finally I think the pedantic speed of play rules are truly bizarre; from the off we were given a "Time Par" card with timings to tell you how long it should take to complete each hole. When you reach the 12th there is a huge sign which says "2hrs 44mins to this point". Surely 2hrs 45mins would be acceptable? Frankly I think they should concentrate on getting the basics right (greens and bunkers) before the English Golf Union wastes money on daft things such as “time par cards”. How many times did we refer to the time cards on the way round? Yep you guessed it zero.

Woodhall really should be so much better than it currently is. It feels unloved and going backwards.

Date: June 12, 2006

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