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Benin, officially the Republic of Benin, was once known as Dahomey or Dahomania and was historically a mighty culture, now this tiny country has plenty of attractions, including fetish markets and voodoo.

According to the late Eunice Rawlings, “If you're looking for an unusual, affordable vacation, be sure to put Benin on your 'Agenda Africa' for the coming year. Benin is an enchanting West African nation roughly the size of Pennsylvania, yet it is a complete destination with enough variety to fill a two-week vacation.”

So, should you pack your golf clubs? Well, we know very little about golf in Benin but what we do know is that Benin Golf Club exists as it’s the home club of former African champion, Victor Enaigbe and there’s also a nine-hole course connected to the Hotel Accor Aledjo in Cotonou. Please contact us if you know more about golf in Benin.

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