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The government of Cameroon describes the country as "Africa in miniature" and with rainforests, safaris and sun kissed, languid beaches Cameroon is slowly becoming a serious tourist destination. Cameroon also proudly boasts Africa’s most successful national football (soccer) team, five times a FIFA World Cup qualifying team.

With football as the Cameroon’s adopted national sport, golf plays the second or perhaps even third sporting fiddle in this Anglo/French speaking country. There were only two Cameroonian golf courses that we knew about, Likomba Golf Club in the English speaking town of Tiko and another golf course attached to the Mont Febe Hotel at Yaoundé, but we heard from Edo that there’s a 9-holer at Kribi near the Atlantic and another 9-holer in the Western Region at Foumban. Derick recently confirmed that the biggest and oldest golf course is that of Likomba. Please contact us if you have further details on the golf courses of Cameroon.

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