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The smallest country on the African continent, Gambia extends to only 4,000 square miles. It’s completely surrounded by Senegal, apart from a 50-mile coastline to the west and the border with its all-embracing neighbour follows the meandering Gambia River inland from the Atlantic Ocean. From the 16th century onwards, Gambia was ruled by the colonial powers of Portugal, France and Britain at various times until it finally gained independence in 1965, becoming a republic five years later.

The Gambia Golf Association was formed in 2009 to promote the game nationally but at the moment only a couple of clubs in the Serekunda region are affiliated. The first of these is Kololi Beach Club, a short 18-hole pitch and putt course and the other is the Fajara Club, where an 18-hole course has been in play since 1974. What might appeal to traditionalists is that both these golfing layouts still use oiled sand browns as putting surfaces instead of greens.

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