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Liberia is situated on the west coast of Africa, sharing national boundaries with Sierra Leone, Guinea and Cote d’Ivoire. Much of its territory is covered in mangroves and swamps, with tropical rainforests blanketing the elevated, hillier parts of the country. Many of working age within Liberia’s population of four million people is unemployed, making it one of the most disadvantaged nations in the world. Of course, a couple of civil wars since 1989 have done nothing to help the plight of the poor as the country strives to move forward.

There are a couple of 9-hole golf courses located just outside Monrovia. Seaview, the newer of the two layouts, was built on swampland at the mouth of the St Paul River in the 1970s and this course was subsequently frequented by Irish troops working in the Liberian UN Mission. Harbel, forty miles to the east, is where the other course is laid out within the Firestone tyre company’s enormous rubber plantation. The club hosted Liberia’s inaugural pro-am tournament in 2011 when 10 professionals and 25 amateur golfers participated in the competition.

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