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With an Indian Ocean coastline of more than two thousand miles, Mozambique lies on the southeastern side of the African continent where it shares inland borders with six other nations. The Portuguese colonised the country in the 16th century and it took the best part of five hundred years before it finally gained independence in 1975. A painful civil war then ensued from which the country is only now just emerging as it strives to find the path to future prosperity.

There are only a couple of golf courses in Mozambique, both of them 9-hole layouts. The first of these is Beira, apparently laid out in 1907, and the other is Maputo, which lies 750 miles to the north on a tract of land next to where the Pungue River enters the Indian Ocean. Another couple of developments at Bilene and Mossuril Bay have been on the drawing board for some time now and they’ll effectively double the golf provision in the country if they come to fruition.

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