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The small landlocked nation of Rwanda is located in east central Africa, surrounded by Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda plunged into the darkest depths as a nation in 1994 when more than half a million of its population were killed by Rwandan military and Hutu militia groups fighting against minority Tutsis who had ruled the country for many years. Two decades later, the country is still coming to terms with such an abominable act of genocide.

Phil Jacobs of Gary Player Design provided us with the following information regarding the redesign of the course at Kigali Golf Club in August 2020: “The project has reached the end of the construction phase for all 18 holes and the driving range. The grow-in of the last 6 holes grassed will be completed by end of October 2020. Gregori International is an experienced golf course contractor with very experienced detail finishing personnel.

The design style for the greens features ‘soft’ contours, with ‘push up ’greens and short grass runoff areas around the greens. The layout is not heavily bunkered, with only 26 bunkers on the golf course, and the design style is bunker sand to the top of the bunkers, rather than grass down to the sand.

Kigali is located almost exactly on the equator, which one would assume, will mean very hot and humid weather conditions. Not so at Kigali, because of its altitude of 1450m above sea level. This means that bent grass can be grown on the greens, which is a real plus factor. Tees, fairways and rough areas are planted with Kikuyu grass which is commonly found in the highlands of Rwanda.

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