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Afghanistan was once a friendly country when visitors were inclined to chill out after a quick lungful of the local hashish. Sadly things have changed. Afghanistan is still a highly volatile country but there is some sign of hope.

There is only golf course in Afghanistan and it's a nine-holer. The site on which the Kabul Golf Club stands was once the scene of clashes between rival Mujahideen factions in the 1990s. It remained firmly shut when the Taleban swept to power. Golf, a game they associated with wealthy Western diplomats, was one of many sports they banned. When Kabul Golf Club reopened it cost £30 for annual membership or approximately $5 per round (18-holes).

Ironically, this course was ranked No.91 in Golf World’s 2005 tongue-in-cheek World Top 100 list. Landmines, rocket launchers and Soviet Tanks were removed from the course to make it playable. We can’t vouch for the quality of Kabul Golf Club today and we doubt it will ever feature in one of our World Top 100s, but it may be an unforgettable adventure. Read more here

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