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Bangladesh is special, with passionate people and rich history. Located at the mouth of the Bay of Bengal, where it borders India on all sides with the exception of a small border with Myanmar. Bangladesh seems to hit the headlines after regular natural calamities such as cyclones and flooding. The adverse weather has kept the tourists at bay and therefore Bangladesh remains free from commercialisation. With one of the world’s longest beaches, a 2000-year-old archaeological site and a fantastic national park with wildlife ranging from crocodiles and dolphins to the Bengal Tiger, Bangladesh has much to offer. It can be wet during the monsoon season which once more places Bangladesh at the mercy of the weather.

Golf in Bangladesh has yet to find a passionate following, unlike cricket. But, according to the Bangladesh Golf Federation, there are 14 Bangladeshi golf courses and perhaps one of the best is located in the colourful capital of Dhaka. The 2006 Bangladesh Amateur Golf Championship was held at the newly fashioned Kurmitola Golf Club and we are aware of courses at Bhatiary Golf and Country Club and Savar Golf Club but we can’t make any recommendations because we simply don’t know enough about golf in Bangladesh. If you can help, we’d love to hear from you.

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The layout at Kurmitola Golf Club was routed over 125 acres by renowned designer Frank Pennink, with the layout subsequently revised in more recent times by Dr. Sukitti Klangvhisai.


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