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Located in the heart of the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency, home to approximately 75,000 people and eight 18-hole golf courses.

Apart from being a tax haven for UK residents, there are two main things a visiting golfer needs to know about the Isle of Man… Manx cats are born without tails (the local population are not needlessly cruel to animals) and golfers should check their travel dates carefully to avoid clashing with the world famous TT. TT week, which is usually late May or early June, sees the island transformed into motorcycle Mecca for the world’s greatest road race festival.

The mild Isle of Man weather makes year-round golfing possible and the stunning views and rugged coastline will make even the worst game seem tolerable, even if you are rather exposed to winds that whip across the Irish Sea. There are eight clubs affiliated to the Isle of Man Golf Union and the standard bearer is undeniably Castletown Golf Links which is a strong contender for a ranking position within our Britain & Ireland Top 100.

Top 100 Golf Courses - Isle of Man


1st Isle of Man Ranking

Castletown Golf Links is located at the southeastern tip of the Isle of Man on a triangular links headland which is bordered on three sides by the Irish Sea.


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Rank Name Courses Reviewed
1 Hugh Courses Reviewed 1
2 W Courses Reviewed 1
3 John S Courses Reviewed 1
4 Ivan Courses Reviewed 1
5 David Courses Reviewed 1
6 Martin O'Connell Courses Reviewed 1
7 Roland Teare Courses Reviewed 1
8 David Moller Courses Reviewed 1
9 Colin Townsend Courses Reviewed 1
10 Will Ellefson Courses Reviewed 1