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Occupying mainly rugged mountainous terrain with small pockets of coastal plains, Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean, sharing the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic. It’s had a troubled existence over the last century. Occupied from 1915 by the US for 20 years, governed by the disreputable Duvaliers and their Tonton Macoute enforcers for 40 years before enduring a number of coup d'états since 1991.

A large proportion of nine million Haitians live in poverty as the country struggles to make progress in the modern world. Little wonder then that golf doesn’t really play a part in the sporting life of a nation which has only one course, sited in Port-au-Prince.

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One of the few wealthy establishments in an impoverished country, the Pétionville Golf and Tennis Club is where diplomats, businessmen and other affluent locals can relax in secure surroundings...


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