Falkland Islands

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Argentina, Britain, France and Spain have all claimed possession of the Falkland Islands down the years yet this collection of over 770 islands in the South Atlantic Ocean is thought to have first been discovered by a Dutch explorer, Sebald de Weert, in 1600.

The small, largely British, population of around 3,000 people live mainly on the two largest islands of East and West Falkland with the capital, Stanley, located on the former. Locals are far outnumbered by the half a million sheep that, along with fishing and ecotourism, account for the bulk of the economic activity on the Falklands.

Since the war with Argentina over sovereignty of the islands in 1982, relations between Britain and its near South American neighbour have blown hot and cold so the military garrison stationed on the Falklands looks set to remain intact for some time to come.

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