French Guiana

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The small nation of French Guiana is located on the northern Atlantic coast of South America and it’s wedged in between Brazil and Suriname, where the Oyapock River forms a boundary with the former and the Maroni River marks the border with the latter.

The country is heavily reliant on France, the mother nation, for much of its trade. Fishing, sugar and bananas account for a large proportion of its foreign income, though eco-tourism continues to grow year on year. The capital, Cayenne, is home to almost 50% of the quarter of a million people who live in the country.

There are a couple of 9-hole golf courses in the country. Golf de l’Anse is located next to the Guiana Space Centre and Museum of Space and three of its holes are routed through woodland with the remainder played out in the open. The second course is the Golf des 3 Collines, laid out close to Korou, and it has several ponds incorporated into the layout.

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