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Bordered by five other countries on the west coast of South America, Peru has a rich and varied heritage. The Inca empire flourished in the 15th century before the nation gained Independence from Spain in 1824, flirting with democracy and dictatorship ever since.

The Andes divide the country into three distinct regions; a long, narrow coastal plain to the west, highlands formed by the mighty mountain range that runs north to south and interior jungle, where some 60% of the land mass is covered by Amazon rainforest.

Football, volleyball, surfing and sailing are sports where Peruvians have excelled on the world stage in the modern era, but with golf the preserve of a select few in a largely poor country, there’s not much chance of Peru making a mark on the golfing world… apart, that is, from claiming to have the 9-hole La Oroya course as the highest in the world at more than 12,000 feet above sea level.

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Los Inkas

1st Peru Ranking

Los Inkas features pre-Inca ruins on the course but they are not the only unusual items to be found on and around the fairways.


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