Bosnia and Hercegovina

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is a tiny landlocked Balkan country that remains wild and undiscovered. Despite a troubled past, this historic country has, in recent years, competed strongly in the annual Eurovision Song Contest and Dino & Beatrice even managed 7th place in 1999.

Steeped in history, dating back some 10,000 years to early pagan times, Bosnia Herzegovina has some truly fascinating heritage. There is no doubt that this stunning and diverse country has a great deal to offer, including winter skiing, crystal waterfalls and 14th century monasteries.

Golf has now reached Bosnia Herzegovina in the shape of a 9-hole course at Sarajevo Golf Club and there’s also a second 9-holer at Golf Club Posušje which is located 50 miles or so to the west of Sarajevo. If you know more about golf in Bosnia Herzegovina please let us know.

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