Faroe Islands

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The 18 Faroe Islands are mainly rugged and rocky landmasses that jut out of the North Atlantic Ocean midway between Scotland and Iceland. Consequently the weather is changeable – brilliant sunshine followed by showers – but you can always guarantee that the air will be clean and fresh.

The Faroese are hospitable and peaceful souls famous for their unique culture, their old ballads and naturally the Faroese chain-dance. With a gorgeous natural appeal the Faroe Islands are full of effortless wonder, but if you are looking for a nightclub or an all night party you will be sorely disappointed.

Surprisingly, the rocky Faroe archipelago does have one golf course which has one hole for each Faroese Island. It’s located at Tórshavn and it’s called Tórshavnar Golf Club. We don’t know enough about the course to give you any detailed information but if you've played it, we’d love to hear from you.

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