North East France

Top 100 Golf Courses - North East France

Fourqueux (Blue & Blanc)

41st North East France - Best in Area

Golf & Tennis Club Marly & Fourqueux was formed in 1924 but the club was disbanded during World War II. In 1964, Fred W. Hawtree redeveloped the old disused course into a 27-hole complex for Golf & Country Club de Fourqueux.


42nd North East France - Best in Area

Situated to the northeast of Auxerre, the course at Domaine de Roncemay celebrated 25 years of operation in 2014. With more than half the fairways carved through a forest of oak, beech and birch trees, there’s certainly a premium to be placed on accuracy here.

Strasbourg (Jaune & Rouge)

43rd North East France - Best in Area

Established in 1934, Golf Club de Strasbourg now has three 9-hole courses in play – Jaune, Rouge and Blanc – thanks to an additional nine-hole circuit that was added by Donald Harradine in the late 1970s.


44th North East France - Best in Area

Founded in 1897, Golf de Dieppe-Pourville is one of the oldest clubs in France and its original seaside 9-hole course was designed by Willie Park Jnr. Sadly, those holes are no longer in play and the modern day layout has moved inland, away from the cliffs, to its present location.

Morfontaine (Vallière)

Gem France - Best in Area

Tom Simpson laid out Morfontaine’s Vallière course on the Duc de Guiche’s polo fields. James Braid, Arnaud Massy and Jean Gassiat officially opened the layout on the 15th of October 1913.


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