Georgia, the Republic, is not to be confused with Georgia the US State. Once part of the former Soviet Union, Georgia naturally shares its border with Russia as well as Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia. The highest mountains in Europe dominate Georgia and the Likhi Range divides the country in half. As well as majestic mountains, Georgia also has a number of glaciers, high plateaux, lakes and hot springs. Georgia’s diverse climate creates an unusual landscape of marsh forests, swamps, rain forests, eternal snow and glaciers. Georgia also has fantastic architecture with stone watchtowers, carved wooden balconies, richly frescoed churches and Art Nouveau.

We think Georgia, the land of the Golden Fleece, has such an amazing landscape that it could provide the ground for one of the world’s most dramatic golf courses. We’re sure their clubhouse would serve delightful, vibrant and savoury food but Georgia is a country that is struggling to its feet after its disintegration from the Soviet Union. The country has not yet developed a tourist infrastructure but slowly things are changing. A new golf club called Primera is planned which will boast an 18-hole course. The new club is due to be located 20kms northeast of Tbilisi, near to Mtskheta, one of the oldest cities in Georgia. In 2014 the first golf course opened in Georgia at the Ambasadori Hotel in Kachreti. It may only be a modest 9-hole layout but it's a great start for Georgia.

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