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There are so many Greek islands that it’s likely that they’ve never all been counted. It’s estimated there could be anything up to 6,000 of them, only a couple of hundred of which are inhabited.

The largest island, Crete, has had a golf course in play since 2003, when Bob Hunt from PGA Design laid out the fairways for Crete Golf Club on fairly hilly terrain to the north of the island. Rhodes is the fourth largest Greek island, measuring around 540 square miles, and its Afandou course has been open since 1973 as an 18-hole layout, playing to a par of 73. It’s a Donald Harradine track – with five par fives and three par threes – offering affordable golf to members and visitors alike.

Corfu, situated in the Ionian Sea, measures around 230 square miles, making it the 7th largest Greek island. Donald Harradine also designed the course for Corfu Golf Club, routing the tree-lined fairways through the picturesque Ropa Valley, on the west side of the island. Bunkers have recently been renovated and they now contain white sand shipped in from the island of Milos.

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Designed by Bob Hunt from PGA Design Consulting in the UK, the course at Crete Golf Club was laid out to USGA standard over quite difficult, rugged mountain terrain.


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2nd Greek Islands - Best in Area

The course at Corfu Golf Club blends seamlessly into the picturesque Ropa Valley and the cleverly designed hazards make it a solid and fair test for both low and high handicap players.


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