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Greenland is the largest island in the world but the majority of its surface is covered by the Greenlandic ice cap which makes most of the island uninhabitable. Most of the 55,000 or so Greenlanders live on the ice-free southwest coast where the climate is somewhat milder by comparison. Greenland is a mystical place where you can witness the aurora borealis, one of the world’s natural wonders. But this does come at a price, with harsh winter temperatures that can dip below –30ºC in the north where the sun does quite literally disappear. South Greenland is not quite as unforgiving with temperatures here reaching a modest minus –15ºC!

Naturally, there are few golf courses in the Arctic, but there are a couple that we know of and we may feature the 9-hole course at Nuuk soon. The World Ice Golf Championship is held at Uummanaq each March. We’ve not yet tried ice golf, but we suspect it’s a bizarre and slightly mad experience with icebergs instead of sand dunes.

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