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Latvia is virtually one enormous forest with more than 12,000 rivers and 3,000 lakes, but do not under-estimate the ancient Latvian traditions which have been long forgotten by most of Europe. The Latvian culture involves many song and dance festivals, but the most intriguing and best known is the mid-summer festival of Ligo, which is a celebration of the summer solstice.

It is quite apparent that Latvian roots are largely pagan, but the intrigue doesn’t stop there. Take a stroll trough the old cobbled streets, where the candles flicker and the evening skyline is awash with castle turrets and church steeples. Latvia is truly mystical.

According to the Latvian Golf Federation, there are four golf clubs in Latvia and the best is currently Ozo Golf Club which is set near to the capital, Riga. Golf is new to Latvia but we suspect that the sport will continue to grow and we will watch future golf developments with interest.

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Subtle mounding, contoured bunkering, installation of ponds and planting of trees have all helped to fashion Ozo...


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