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Liechtenstein is a well-known tax haven but it’s a mere dot of a country that you may well miss unless you are a skier or a philatelist. The mountainous landscape makes it an ideal destination for winter sports and Liechtenstein has won more Winter Olympic medals per capita than any other nation. The State Art Exhibition often displays work from the Prince of Liechtenstein’s own private gallery and if you enjoy stamps there is a museum which displays the entire national stamp collection, dating back to 1912.

Naturally there’s not much room in the minute Principality of Liechtenstein with an area of only 60 or so square miles. Amazingly, you can play some golf here, but you will need some stout walking boots because it’s a kind of cross-country Alpine golf event. It’s too heavy and dangerous to carry a full golf bag in the Alpine Golf Cup Malbun competition, so they play with three-clubs on a makeshift 9-hole layout. If your ball hits the chairlift or cables, you can take a drop without penalty… what fun!

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