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Montenegro (roughly translated “black mountain”) is billed as the pearl of the Mediterranean and it’s easy to understand why. This diminutive former Yugoslavian country, independent from Serbia since 2006, is blessed with majestic towering mountains and unspoilt Adriatic beaches.

Bordering Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania, Montenegro has a population of around 600,000 and a land area of just over 5,000 square miles – most of which is mountainous – so it’s hardly surprising that golf is not big on the Montenegrin sporting agenda, where water polo is considered to be the national sport.

The first golf course in the Western Balkans opened for play in Cetinje in 1906, but the course and club disappeared due to the outbreak of the First World War. However, in 2016, Visit Montenegro announced, “golf is back” with the registration of Knjaginja Milica Golf Club (Princess Milica was the first president of the original 1906 golf club).

We’re frankly unclear as to the status of Knjaginja Milica and we know little about the construction timetable at Royal Montenegro Golf & Country Club in Tivat. But we have heard from Gary Player Design that a new course is under construction at Lustica Bay. It took quite some time to break ground but nine holes are scheduled to open for play in 2019, with all 18 holes open for play in 2020.

If you can throw any further light on golf developments in Montenegro, please contact us.

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