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The Ukraine was once the engine room of the former Soviet Union, with its rich, natural resources, such as coal, oil and gas. Despite its wealth of resources, it was the Chernobyl disaster which sadly put the Ukraine on the world map. But with vast fertile plains, Crimean Mountains, national parks, diverse landscapes and wildlife, not to mention fantastic historical cities and the great gates of Kiev, 21st century Ukraine has much to offer.

Golf is slowly establishing on the Ukrainian menu and investors are trying hard to introduce more golf courses to this beautiful country. There are five golf facilities in Ukraine at present and we’re very grateful to Colin who provided us with an update in September 2016. The National Ukrainian Golf Federation is in full swing and there was even a European Challenge Tour event staged in Kharkov in 2013 prior to the Crimean conflict. Dutchman, Daan Huizing, claimed the Kharkov Superior Cup at Superior Golf & Spa Resort, winning the event by two shots.

We discovered at the end of August 2022 that much of the Golfsteam Kiev course and clubhouse to the west of Kyiv had been destroyed during the ongoing conflict with Russia. We also contacted Superior Golf & Spa Resort in Kharkov to find out how badly affected the club had been by the invasion.

Top 100 Golf Courses - Ukraine


1st Ukraine Ranking

The Superior Golf & Spa Resort facility opened with an initial 9-hole layout in 2007, fashioned by American shaper Brian Smith and Russian Alexander Stepanov.


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GolfStream Kiev (Chamberlain)

2nd Ukraine Ranking

The Chamberlain course at Kiev Golf Club "GolfStream" – named after its designer, Peter Chamberlain – lies to the west of the capital on the flood plain of the River Zdvizh...


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Ukraine Leaderboard

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1 Dirk Schaeffer Courses Played 2
= Falk Hoppe Courses Played 2
3 Jiri Huml Courses Played 1
= Gleb Yakovlev Courses Played 1
= Steve Starika Courses Played 1
= sasa Courses Played 1