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Iran is one of the world’s most mountainous countries and the landscape therefore is dominated by rugged mountain ranges, which provide great rock climbing, trekking and skiing for those who are interested in the great outdoors. Iran also has some amazing cities which demonstrate a mixture of architectural styles from the very modern to ancient Persian. Iran has a long history and culture in art and architecture, many fine examples of which can be seen in the magnificent ruins of ancient cities, glorious mosques, mausoleums and the many museums. Iran is a real mixture of old and new with never a dull moment.

Despite the fact that golf is a symbol of the bourgeois west, it is rather popular with Tehran’s young women. Underneath the shadows of the Alborz Mountains in Tehran lies the country's only grass golf course at Enghelab. It’s now only a 12-hole layout after the army decided to use most of the back nine for tank parking. Who knows, perhaps one day in the future, Iran may be at the forefront of golf? But for the moment it’s the preserve of young Iranian women.

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