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Iraq is probably not at the top of your holiday destination list. Not least because the domestic situation is still turbulent but also as there are very few flights into the country. Hopefully, soon, the Iraqi troubles will be over and when the time does come this country will have much to offer visitors.

The Ur of the Chaldees is one of ancient sites in Iraq and is mentioned in the bible as the birthplace of Abraham. It is well preserved, as are the royal tombs. The city of Babylon is also well known, once the world’s most beautiful city but now unfortunately in ruins. Iraq does have a great deal to offer, not only with its ancient ruins and monuments but also with its amazing cultural heritage. For the time being at least we shall have to wait for the right time to visit Iraq.

Undoubtedly, with sand aplenty, Iraq could be a serious golfing destination but there are no golf courses in this country so you won’t need to pack your clubs, at least for the time being. However, if the Pentagon's plans turn into a reality, things may change. Click here to read the story.

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