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Yukon is the most westerly of Canada’s three federal territories and it shares a border extending to over 750 miles with the US state of Alaska. As much of it lies within or close to the Arctic Circle, Yukon endures long cold winters and its population of just over 30,000 hardy souls enjoy only a short summer season.

Golf is just one of a wide range of outdoor activities available to residents and visitors in the “Larger than Life” territory, vying for popularity with those who like to hunt, fish or ski. And for mountaineers who get their kicks from scaling the tallest of peaks, they have the formidable challenge of Mount Logan, the tallest mountain in the country at just under 20,000 feet high.

There are only a handful of golf courses to be found in Yukon, two 9-holers at Watson Lake and Faro and three layouts in Whitehorse: Annie Lake (built by the US Army during World War II), 9-hole Meadow Lakes and the 18-hole Mountain View Golf Club, which opened for play in 1987.

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