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As everyone knows, Washington, D.C., or the District of Columbia to be precise, is the capital of the United States. With a resident population of around 700,000 and an estimated twenty million visitors per year, the metropolitan area is rather diminutive (less than 70 square miles) but it’s an incredibly popular tourist destination.

However, D.C. is not a state, nor does it lie within a state, so we figure that D.C. is in fact a separate golfing area bordering the golf rich states of Maryland and Virginia. In fact, Jeff, one of our contributors, pointed out that while “there are certainly no world-class courses in DC, nearly all can note some sort of historic pedigree. Walter J. Travis designed East Potomac's 18-hole Blue course (which originally featured a reversible layout), and William S. Flynn designed both the Rock Creek 18-hole course as well as the 9-hole layout at East Potomac. Both are mostly untouched relics from the 1920s. Langston's original 9 (since expanded to 18) was built as one of the first desegregated courses in the United States”.

We may feature one or more of Washington D.C.’s courses in the future (Jeff thinks East Potomac's Blue layout is probably the best in the District). In the meanwhile, we’re pleased to at least recognize that there's not only interesting but also historical golfing relevance within this well-known metropolitan area.

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