Best In County Rollout Continues

Top 100 Golf Courses continues its “Best In County” rollout  

27th July 2011 

In May 2011, Top 100 Golf Courses announced the extension of its golf course rankings to “Best In County” golf courses. Five counties were included in the initial rollout: Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon and Hertfordshire. 

Development of the new Best in County initiative is progressing well and is ahead of schedule. Many will have already noticed the inclusion of further counties, but for those who haven’t, here is a list of the completed phase two counties. Click the blue link to navigate to the respective Best In County page:   

Cumbria Best In County Golf Courses
Dorset Best In County Golf Courses
Durham Best In County Golf Courses
Gloucestershire Best In County Golf Courses
Hampshire Best In County Golf Courses
Herefordshire Best In County Golf Courses
Northumberland Best In County Golf Courses
Shropshire Best In County Golf Courses
Somerset Best In County Golf Courses
Surrey Best In County Golf Courses
Sussex Best In County Golf Courses
Wiltshire Best In County Golf Courses

Various other counties are in a state of change on the website currently and the development process will be ongoing for the next few months. Announcements will be made periodically as more English counties are added and extended. In the meanwhile, keep checking your home county via the Top 100 England county map: 

England County Map

The Top 100 Team   

If you have played county level golf or are simply passionate about your home county’s golf courses and would like to help us further develop this exciting and first-of-its-kind initiative, then please send an email to [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.