Big-time comforts for visiting Americans

29 April 2006 Respond to this article

Like the man himself, and like many of his hotels, Donald Trump’s Aberdeenshire golf course, at 800 acres, looks like being on a seriously large scale. You can get a perfectly adequate course into 150 acres. 

It is most likely that he will start by building one course, then follow with a second and possibly a third. And, almost certainly, he will build a Trump hotel on the site.   

Americans love playing golf in Scotland — widely seen as the home of the sport. But at home they are used to courses on a much bigger scale. The Scottish courses also often have only a modest clubhouse.  

Americans like to be comfortable. They like their valet parking where clubs can be taken out of the car by an assistant and placed in a buggy. They like the service they get on the courses in America, where a player’s shoes back at the clubhouse are cleaned while he is playing the course.  

My guess is that Trump, once established in Aberdeenshire, will then look for land in St Andrews.