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Daly on design

18 July, 2008

18th July 2008

Daly on design

Blarney Golf Resort is two-time Major winner John Daly's first Signature Course in Europe but there may be many more to come if the injury prone golfer finds that he has more time to spare.

Playing at Royal Birkdale this week - despite being advised by his doctor that he should not do so – John Daly confirmed that he thought his golf course design activities would increase.

“I'm working on a course just outside of Joplin, Missouri, right now,” he said. “It's going to be called Eagle Creek. It's fun. I love doing it. It's going to be the first golf course probably we're going to see that's over 8,000 yards long.

“The good thing is for me where the game is going, the golf courses are going to get longer and longer and longer, and it's good for me because I've always liked to play long golf courses. I'm going to try and make golf courses where you almost have to hit driver on all the par-5s and par-4s, unless the land just doesn't permit it.

“I enjoy doing golf courses. I want to do a lot more of them. I think it's really neat to have John Daly signature courses. Most of mine are going to be either semi pro or open to the public, which is what I like. I think it's a really good fit for me to do more golf courses.”

From: GolfBusinessNews


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