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EIGCA polls members over Old course changes

29 November, 2012

EIGCA polls members over Old course changes

The European Institute of Golf Course Architects polls its members following news of major changes to the Old course at St Andrews

29th November 2012

Following the news that major changes are being planned to The Old Course at St Andrews, the EIGCA have polled their membership to get their views.

EIGCA President, Rainer Preissmann, commented; “In the last few days there has been much debate within the golf industry about the improvements being carried out to strengthen The Old Course for the world’s top golfers. It has demonstrated some strong feelings. Because we represent over 115 members, each with differing views, the EIGCA do not have an official position. We have therefore polled our members to understand the spread of opinions within the EIGCA."

The questionnaire will not relate specifically to the current proposals but will ask about the broader principles of alterations being carried out on the historic Old Course.

The result of the poll will be published next week.


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