English Best In County rankings update

23 September 2014 Respond to this article

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English Best In County rankings update

Each English County to be extensively reviewed

23rd September 2014

In May 2011 we announced that we were extending our rankings to focus on Best In County golf courses. Since the launch, we’ve received a fair amount of criticism, stating that our rankings at English County level require an overhaul. Some say we’re missing some of the county’s best courses, while others suggest we’re ranking courses that simply do not deserve to be placed.

The task of visiting every single course in thirty-six counties is nigh on impossible for our team to manage on an ongoing basis. Consequently we’ve had to re-think the entire process to find solutions.

Most golfers, who play for their clubs at amateur level, find themselves playing away matches at many other clubs within their home county. We therefore felt a reasonable approach would be to contact every club in the county and ask for the opinions of their seasoned members, starting with their reigning Club Champions.

Northwood Golf Club - No.1 course in MiddlesexWe’ve piloted this process for Middlesex because, firstly, there are only thirty-six courses in the county and, secondly, you told us in no uncertain terms, that our Middlesex rankings were simply wrong.

It has taken a good many hours to create what we think is a much more informed Middlesex Top 10 and we plan to continue rolling out the process across every other county during the coming months.

To see our new Middlesex Top 10, click the link. If you would like to help us improve our Best In County rankings please contact me ([email protected]).

Keith Baxter