It's the course that matters

05 September 2008 Respond to this article

It's the course that matters.

5th September 2008

A recent American National Golf Foundation survey confirms that the course design and condition is the major factor contributing to your enjoyment of a game of golf

The September edition of 'Inside The Ropes' - the journal of America’s National Golf Foundation - reports on a survey of 850 core golfers who were asked to rate ten factors according to which contributed most to their enjoyment of a round of golf.

NGF posed the question: “Think about the last time you played golf. What made it enjoyable?” and they offered a selection of different factors. The results are interesting to say the least.

Ball striking is important - all golfers need some positive reinforcement. That feeling of "shot euphoria" adds to everyone's enjoyment and keeps golfers coming back.

The last six factors: scoring, weather, amenities, course aesthetics, exercise and competition add to, but certainly don't significantly drive the enjoyment of golf for most golfers (of course there are always exceptions). Scoring itself accounts for less than 10% of total enjoyment. And competition isn't for everyone. It accounted for only 3% of all Core golfer enjoyment.

People: the people you play with 19%
Course conditioning: greens are most important 19%
Course design: challenging, memorable design 17%
Ball striking: hitting some good shots 12%
Score: how well you score 8%
Weather: come rain or shine 7%
Amenities: the clubhouse, range, 19th hole, etc. 6%
Course aesthetics: the flora, fauna and feeling 6%
Exercise: the good walk spoiled 4%
Competition: vying to win a match 3%

(Note: this golf enjoyment scorecard was originally developed by Dr. Gary Wiren.).

From: National Golf Foundation