Lundin awarded "Golf Clubhouse of the Year"

29 February 2008 Respond to this article

Lundin Golf Club awarded "Golf Clubhouse of the Year"

The following article was published in the March 2008 edition of 'Golf Monthly' under a sub-heading "Room with a View":

"Straight off the 18th and into the welcoming warmth of a luxury power shower. Ten minutes later and you're snuggled into a high-back leather chair, with a pint of finest in hand, a plate of freshly-caught local lobster on the way and the small matter of views across the Firth of Forth spread out in front of you. Welcome to Lundin GC, GM's Clubhouse of the Year.

"We are absolutely delighted, it's a real tribute to the club as a whole," says Secretary Alistair Macdonald. "The club has been in existence since 1868 and the clubhouse has stood nearly as long so it was decided in 2004 that it deserved an upgrade!"

So not only is Lundin blessed with that ageless traditional feel of all great 19th holes but it also has facilities to boot. "The outline of the building hasn't changed for a century or more but we've completely overhauled the members' locker-room, put in brand new ladies' and visitors' facilities and given the lounge and dining areas a bit of a sprucing," Macdonald reports.

It's proved to be a hugely successful move with you the readers, the GM team and the local members all being seduced by the serene mix of old and new at Lundin. The votes flooded in and this Scottish gem was a clear winner with all.

It helps that this Open Qualifying links is of such a high standard, making the post-round ale that much more enjoyable. Not only that but the chance to sit back and watch your fellow golfers hit into and then putt out at the 18th is a real privilege. The final cherry is revelling in the glory of your sticky toffee pudding as you cast your eye over those hardy souls teeing off at the 1st.

"My office overlooks it all," laughs the very lucky secretary.