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North Korea Opens Golf Course With Par 7 Hole

28 May, 2008

The first golf course built by a South Korean company in North Korea is scheduled to open in Mount Kumgang today.

The 18-hole golf course at Kumgang Ananti Golf and Spa Resort will host 25 groups of players selected by lottery among its members on its first day, said Kim Min-jung, a spokeswoman for course builder Emerson Pacific Group

In particular, the 6,900-meter-long golf course has already drawn media attention not only because of its sea and mountain views but also because of its 929-meter par 7 hole (No. 12), the world’s longest, and par 3 hole (No. 14), called the “funnel hole.” The green is designed like a funnel. Any golfer whose ball safely lands on the green will see it flow into the hole, enjoying a hole in one.

By William Sim - Bloomberg


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