Review of the Month January 2018 - Wolf Creek

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Review of the Month January 2018 - Wolf Creek Golf Club

Wolf Creek Golf Club

There's a part in the movie Hunt for Red October where a character asks about the fictional Russian submarine: "they really built this?" It was all I could think for the first couple of holes as I marvelled at each new twist and turn. Yes, they really did build a golf course in this landscape and what a ride it is. The excellent reviews below have provided all the hole-specific info anyone should need, so I'll limit myself to this:

When money is no object you can build a course as spectacular as this one! Ribbons of green are draped across desert canyons and hilltops to create something visually amazing. The actual holes aren't a bad design either, making use of the terrain and complementing with plenty of hazards, including plenty of risk-reward holes. The 7th is a great example where dead ground hides fairway, a common trick here. You just need to go play there. Stand on the tees and look around and be amazed. Try the shots and embrace something outstanding in the wonderful world of golf.

By Scarlett

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