Review of the Month September 2017 - Manawatu

13 October 2017 Respond to this article

Review of the Month September 2017 - Manawatu

Manawatu Golf Club - 5th hole

Impeccable condition for a club course. These greenkeepers deserve medals. Big fat medals.

It feels like the length of every fairway here is lined with massive trees. Not quite all of them actually are, but good God does it feel like it. I'd relish occasionally being punished some other way for slicing it other than repeatedly hacking it out from under a wall of majestic Pines/Totara. This is probably just a reflection of my ability and I should just get better at golf. Or become a vigilante arborist.

Despite that, this really is a good course. Arguments could certainly be made that all the trees need to be there to turn what would otherwise be a shorter layout into quite the challenge. And they'd probably be right.

Would rate 5 balls for conditioning, 3 balls for layout, so 4 balls overall. And that's enough talk of balls.

By Coran

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